Mira Foods is a 21st Century company dedicated single-mindedly to creating signature restaurants and retails food outlets that provide niche consumer groups with the ultimate in eating and pleasure experience in professionally designed environments.

MIRA Foods focuses on the high-value top end of the retail foods market where trends are excellent for long term growth. We already accomplished an impressive track record through our associate companies of creating exciting food outlets that have attained reasonable high levels of popularity. MIRA Foods team is “rich” in specialist skills. We know the market. We know its “appetites”

Our Values





We Understand You

We Create Trends

Our team key players enjoy a long history and experience in the field of food and beverages that made our Organisation capable of introducing benchmark concepts and trends in service, food, and environment.

Our Key Success Factors

Pioneers with the will to Diversify, placing our business only as Prime, intensifying Public relations and Promotions, choosing the right Partners and the Right People, and always Paying attention to every single detail.

You Have an Important Role

Our structure is dynamic and evolves continuously to maintain a more productive atmosphere. We utilize up to date systems and technology in order to support this structure by collecting feedback and constructive data.


Inspired by its passionate founders who seek to create a state of the art food services company, motivated by its experienced ambitious team, and influenced by advanced international standards, Mira will stand out as an impeccable benchmark in the restaurants business in Saudi Arabia.



A model of perfection dedicated to providing our customers with quality service in our signature restaurants.



Mira Foods has successfully managed to acquire the franchise of the international brand “The Noodle House” from Jumeirah International which is operating in Riyadh & Jeddah in Saudi Arabia since 2009.

The company has also developed and created its own upscale dining concept of Armenian cuisine “Lusin” with its first location in the high-end mall “Centria” in Riyadh. The concept, with its excellence, is now considered a benchmark in the market. Soon it will be in Jeddah and worldwide.

The company is also a shareholder operator of recently acquired the well known American Fondue Restaurant Franchise “The Melting Pot”. This concept is scheduled to open by the end of 2014. In addition to that, it has recently started operating a newly created concept “Scaramouche” which is a Venetian themed lounge and patisserie currently situated inside Harvey Nichols in Riyadh city.

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